Guild Resources to help you build your guild website and membership

A collection of resources that will help you build your guild website. Everything from graphics and logos to hosting, WordPress themes, domain purchasing and dedicated guild hosting. We have also included course providers we believe offer excellent courses so you can learn web development and really make your guild website stand out.

Do you know of another guild resource that is great for Guild Leaders, Guilds and Website Developers? Let us know through our Contact us page, we would love to hear them.

Courses and Tutorials

Learn everything you need to create an amazing guild website. HTML, CSS, Javascript, WordPress, PHP and more. Whether you want to learn the basics or become a full stack Web Developer these websites will help you.


Courses and Tutorials - Guild Hosting Reviews

Pluralsight offers professional courses on a large range of topics. You can learn Web Development, Game Development, Databases, Photoshop and a plethora of other topics. They also have tools to help you with your learning like Paths, Bookmarks and Skill tests so you can see your knowledge increasing in real time.


Courses and Tutorials - Guild Hosting Reviews

Treehouse will get you off the ground very quickly in the field of Web Development. They have in-depth courses on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Photoshop and more. Prices start at just $9 a month and they have a free trial. The leaderboards are a great motivator and the forums are full of useful information.


Courses and Tutorials - Guild Hosting Reviews

Udemy has a course on just about anything you can think about. They have some very high quality Web Development and Game Development courses. Courses are constantly on sale for just $10 too. The course reviews on Udemy are a great way to see if a course is good or not, so always read them before purchasing.

Domain Names

A custom domain name is a necessity for your guild. We have chosen Namecheap as they have excellent pricing, easy to use back-end and great support.


Get a custom domain for your guild - Guild Hosting Reviews

Namecheap is a great place to purchase your domains. They have an intuitive back end and excellent pricing on .com domains. Support is also fast and DNS settings are easy to setup in comparison to some other Domain sellers.

Graphics and Logos

Logos can be expensive and hard to make, especially if you have no idea how to do it yourself. Elements and Graphicriver offer premade logos and all sorts of graphics so you can fill your website with legal graphics and make your website stand out.


Envato Elements Review - Guild Hosting Reviews

We cannot talk about Envato Elements highly enough. To some it up, amazing digital assets at a very low $29 a month. Elements has everything you need to create an amazing website all located in one location. You can read our full review on Elements here. Elements is one of our favorite guild resources.


Guild Graphics and Logos - Guild Hosting Reviews

If you can’t find what you are looking for then Graphicriver will almost certainly have it. Graphicriver offers over 590,000 items with a cost per item pricing system. Logos, Font, Web Graphics Icons and so much more are all on offer at Graphicriver

Guild Hosting

If creating your own website with WordPress is not your thing, then Enjin, Gamerlaunch and iClan Websites provide all the tools you need to make a great guild website. They also provide hosting. As we have said in our reviews you will still need a domain name and preferably some knowledge of HTML, CSS and JS to really make your website stand out.


Enjin Review 2017 - Guild Hosting Reviews

Enjin is our favorite Guild Hosting Provider. With a ton of features, fast hosting and a thriving community of Gamers and Guilds Enjin is the powerhouse of Guild Hosting. We highly recommend them if you do not have the skillset to create a website yourself. Enjin is another one of our favorite guild resources.

iClan Websites

iClan Websites is another Guild Hosting Provider that we have reviewed and along with Enjin, highly recommend. iClan has excellent pricing and features. They have everything you need to create a great guild website.


Gamerlaunch is the third Guild Hosting Provider we recommend. They have an excellent Tournament system and great pricing. While Enjin is our favorite you cannot go wrong with any of the three Guild Hosting Providers suggested here.

Website Hosting

So you have decided to use WordPress? Then you need hosting. Bluehost and Siteground offer excellent services with competitive pricing. If you are little more serious and want to the fastest possible hosting dedicated to WordPress websites then WPengine should be your hosting of choice.


Bluehost Review 2017 - Guild Hosting Reviews

Bluehost is a hosting provider we have used on many websites throughout the years. They have excellent pricing, great website up-time, fast website speeds and above average support. If you are planning on using WordPress or any other CMS we encourage you to check them out.


Siteground Review 2017 - Guild Hosting Reviews

Like Bluehost, Siteground is another highly recommended website hosting provider. Support, pricing, up-time and pricing are all excellent. Whether you choose Siteground or Bluehost we firmly believe you wont be disappointed


WPengine Review 2017 - Guild Hosting Reviews

If lightning fast website speeds are important to you, then WPengine is designed specifically for WordPress websites and boasts excellent up-time and speeds. They are slightly more expensive than Bluehost or Siteground but if you want to go the extra mile then WPengine should be your go to.

WordPress Gaming Themes

WordPress gaming themes are few and far between compared to other categories but there are some incredible ones out there. If you would like an already curated collection of the best WordPress gaming themes then read our article Best WordPress Gaming Themes to see your choices.