Envato Elements Review

Elements is a new offering and subscription based website brought to you by Envato. Envato are the people behind the ever popular Themeforest, as well as Envato Studio, Videohive, Graphicriver, Codecanyon and Audio Jungle. Envato Elements is an excellent resource for Graphics, Templates, Stock Photos and Fonts for developers and hobbyists alike.

Lets take a look at the features of Elements offers in our Envato Elements Review and what they can do for you and your website

Elements offers everything you need to build a website quickly by giving you all the resources you will need under one subscription model and website. The digital assets available to you range from Logos and Graphic Templates to CMS Themes for Opencart, Joomla, Drupal and very soon WordPress.

Below are the categories available to you with your subscription to Envato Elements. Clicking on the buttons will take you to Elements so you can see what type of digital assets and files are available to you for the corresponding category.

Envato Elements Product Categories

Click the buttons to view the items available in each category

Overall your subscription to Elements grants you access to over 250,000 stock photos and images, 30,000 quality design assets and a huge amount of ready made CMS templates so you can create any type of website you want all with one subscription from Elements. At the time of writing this review Elements does not have WordPress Themes but they are arriving very soon. You also cannot find plugins or audio files on Elements but given Elements is run by Envato who also own Audio Jungle and CodeCanyon anything is possible in the future.

One of the biggest selling points of Envato Elements is the price. At only $29 a month it is an absolutely amazing deal. To put it into perspective you can pay upwards of $50 for a logo or $49 for a single Open Cart Template. With Elements, you get everything listed above for just $29 a month. You also do not need to retain your monthly subscription to keep using the files you already assigned a license to and download.

Envato Elements Review
Envato Elements Review
Envato Elements Review
Envato Elements Review

The licensing system is easy to understand and extremely fair on you, the subscribers. To put it simply they have one commercial license available for all items. That means once you find the logo or graphic template that you want to use you simply assign a license to it and it is yours to use in your commercial projects for good, regardless of whether you have an ongoing subscription or not. There is also no limit on how many items you can download.

There are however, some limitations to the licensing. You cannot re-rell or re-distribute the items you download. Which is a standard practice for digital goods unless licensed under creative commons.

You can read the full Envato Elements licensing terms here

Envato Elements Review

Included with your subscription for Envato Elements is full access to Envato Tuts+. For those who do not know Tuts+ is a subscription based website offering both free and paid course and E-books for subjects in the Web Design and Web Development field. With this added bonus you can learn to code or master WordPress or learn professional logo design and Photoshop skills. Envato Tuts+ boasts over 1000 Video courses and 240 E-books. If you would like a review of Tuts+ to go with our Envato Elements Review then let us know in the comments.

Downloading your items that you have licensed is very easy. Simply navigate to your downloads section and you will be presented with a list of everything you have licensed. You can add another license easily by clicking the add license link. You will need to add a license for every website or project you plan to use an asset from Envato Elements for.

Example. You have website www.mysite1.com and you licensed a font and applied it to your website. If you decide to use that same font on another website www.mysite2.com then you will need to add a second license for the second website. The entire process is very simple and can be done in a matter of seconds.

You can also see your Envato Elements subscription status under the ‘My Subscription’ link. Here you can see your tax invoices, renew date, payment details and how many days you have left on your subscription.

The user control panel is not packed with tons of options and buttons, it is simple, straight to the point and easy to use.

Envato Elements is amazing, we love it. The price is mind blowing for what you get. A subscription service like this could run as high as $99 a month and still be worth it, so $29 a month is a steal. The quality of the assets you gain access to are highly professional and you can find everything you need to create a professional website for one low monthly fee.

We believe Elements is a must have for all developers, hobbyists, designers and people interested in making their own website. If you compare individual prices for the assets that you can get from other websites to the price of Elements then it is definitely worth it.

Envato Elements Pros

  • Pricing
  • Huge Library of Quality Assets
  • Excellent Licensing System
  • Ability to use downloads after subscription ends
  • Constant updates and new files

Envato Elements Cons

  • Some item descriptions can be a bit vague
Envato Elements Review
Amazing Quality and Price

Envato Elements has everything you need to create the perfect website. Not just gaming or guild websites but any website you can imagine. Once WordPress is available the possibilities are endless. Everything about Envato Elements just works, from the price to the range of assets available to the quality of assets. We 100% believe that Elements is a must have for anyone desiring to create a website without breaking the bank.

  • Range of Assets
  • Quality
  • Pricing
  • License System

Thank you for reading our Envato Elements Review 2017. We hope you found it helpful in your quest to find only the best for your Guild. Please comment and leave your thoughts and opinions on envato.elements.com

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